Acting Classes In The Heart Of Western Sydney

We use the principles of acting to develop and nurture confidence in people of all ages.


At PAC, we teach acting skills to Kids, Teens and Adults.

At PAC we are dedicated to nurturing the artist within every age group, from Kids to Teenagers to Adults. Our mission is to provide a creative haven where individuals of all backgrounds can explore the world of acting, develop their skills, and build self-confidence while having an extraordinary time in the process.

For Young Kids, Kids and Pre-Teens:

For our young stars, we offer dynamic and engaging acting classes designed to spark the imagination, foster self-expression, and cultivate essential life skills. Through imaginative games, role-playing, and script readings, your child will embark on a journey of self-discovery, all while having a blast in a supportive and encouraging atmosphere.


For Teens and Senior Teens:

Our teenage program takes things up a notch, providing a platform for young actors to delve into the art of storytelling and character development. Teens will explore script analysis, scene study, improvisation, and ensemble work, all under the guidance of experienced instructors who are passionate about nurturing emerging talent.


For Adults:

It’s never too late to pursue your passion for acting. Our adult classes offer a welcoming environment for individuals from all walks of life to refine their acting skills, challenge themselves, and explore the world of performance. Whether you’re a seasoned actor or just starting, we have something for everyone.


Upcoming Term Classes at PAC 2024

Kids + Teens

  • Grades K-12
  • 10-week Term Classes
  • No acting experience required
  • Parramatta location
  • Creative Kids vouchers accepted



Upcoming April School Holiday Workshops 2024

Kids 2-Day Theatre Acting Workshop - Wednesday 17/Thursday 18 April
Teens 2-Day Film/TV Acting - Wednesday 17/Thursday 18 April 2024

The school holidays are the perfect time for your child to embark on an exciting journey into the world of acting. Our School Holiday Acting Workshops offer an exceptional opportunity for your child to explore their creative side, gain self-confidence, and have an unforgettable experience during their break from school.

In our workshops, your child will not only learn the fundamentals of acting but will also be introduced to the magic of storytelling, character development, and the joy of performing. We provide a nurturing and supportive environment where creativity knows no bounds.

If you’re looking for a productive and enjoyable way for your child to spend their school holidays, look no further. Our School Holiday Acting Workshops are designed to make the most of their time off, ensuring that they return to school with newfound skills, confidence, and cherished memories.

Discover the world of acting with us, and let your child shine on the stage of life. Enrol them in our School Holiday Acting Workshops and witness their transformation into a confident, expressive, and creative young actor.

Ready to make the most of the school holidays? Contact us today to secure your child’s spot in our upcoming workshop. It’s an opportunity your child will cherish for a lifetime.

Why PAC?

Our dedicated team of instructors consists of industry professionals who bring their expertise and love for the craft to every class. We prioritise a safe, respectful, and inclusive space where creativity can flourish, and talent can shine. Our students not only gain acting skills but also enhance their self-confidence, communication abilities, and collaborative spirit.

In addition to our regular classes, we offer performance opportunities, workshops, and audition preparation to help our students take their skills to the next level. We believe in empowering our students with the tools they need to succeed on and off the stage.

Join us at PAC, where your journey as an actor begins or continues, and where you become part of a supportive community that celebrates the magic of the performing arts. We look forward to helping you discover your potential and reach for the stars.

Ready to take the next step in your acting journey? Contact us today to learn more about our classes and get started on your path to artistic growth.

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