Centre Policies

By enrolling in and/or attending a PAC class, a student (and if under the age of 18, their parent/guardian) agrees to abide by the following Terms and Conditions.

Note: ‘Youth’ refers to kids and teens under the age of 18. ‘Adult’ refers to a student above the age of 18.

Fees, Scheduling and Attendance

  • Full payment is required before commencement of a course. We will not be able to hold or reserve a spot in a course without advance payment. A 100% money-back guarantee applies to all youth and adult courses. Should a student not be satisfied with the course after the first week’s class, a full refund will be issued when requested within 48 hours of said class. 
  • PAC’s courses require a minimum number of students to proceed. In the event the course is cancelled by PAC due to low enrolments, the student has the option to receive a full refund or transfer the credit towards another course. 
  • Under no other circumstance is a student eligible to receive a refund or transfer of credit. This includes missed classes. 
  • Make up (substitute) classes are not available for Adult Scene, Screen, Accent or Beginner courses 
  • PAC offers two makeup classes per term for youth courses, to be used within the same term as the absence (in an equivalent class and subject to class availability). Make up classes cannot be rolled over to the following term. Should these make-up classes not be taken during the term they will be forfeited. 
  • Classes will not run on Public holidays. Additional classes will not be conducted in lieu of classes that fall on public holidays. Should one of the classes fall on a public holiday we will add extra time to subsequent classes (where possible) to make up the time lost.


  • PAC reserves the right to substitute teachers. All of PAC’s teachers are professional, working artists, we reserve the right to make last-minute substitutions in the event that they are unable to make the session due to other professional commitments.
  • PAC reserves the right to make amendments to course outlines and outcomes.
  • Prospective students are invited to audit/watch the last lesson of the term for the course of their choice. This only applies to term-based youth and adult short courses.

Diversity, Inclusion, Student Expression and the Right to Feel Safe

  • PAC is committed to creating a learning environment that is open to, and supportive of students from diverse backgrounds.
  • Casual racism in the form of demeaning or stereotypical jokes being made to or about cultural ethnicities that are not your own will not be tolerated.
  • It is expected that all students treat each other with respect and dignity at all times.
  • All students have the right to feel safe to express themselves in our classes without fear of ridicule, bullying behaviour or physical harm.
  • PAC reserves the right to refuse admission to any student that presents a disciplinary problem to our teachers or a threat to the safety and well being of other students. 
  • PAC has the authority to exclude him or her indefinitely without a refund. 
  • Plays, scripts, movies and other texts that are seen to perpetuate a narrative that is harmful or hurtful to any specific cultural group will be avoided in all PAC curriculum.
  • Only texts that explore race relations, sexual relations, politics, socio-economic and religious issues with integrity and for the purposes of education and awareness, will be used across the PAC curriculum.
  • Texts dealing with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander content will only be taught after consultation with the relevant cultural authorities.
  • Teen students (aged 12-17) may explore texts in class that deal with sensitive issues such as suicide, abuse and/or violence, as well as coarse language. This content will be handled in a sensitive manner by the class teacher and any issues with the content are to be raised with him/her.


  • All primary correspondence between PAC and a student is done through email.
  • A student must ensure that a correct and frequently used email is provided upon registration.
  • If a student fails to receive important information about a class, cancellation, venue update, payment etc due to their not checking their email, this remains the sole responsibility of the student
  • Text messages and phone calls will only be used in last minute or urgent situations. 

Studio Space

  • All PAC classes are run out of the Arts and Cultural Exchange (ACE) at 8 Victoria Road Parramatta.
  • Should this space not be available PAC reserves the right to move the class online or to an alternate physical venue with 24 hours notice.
  • No food or drink (other than water) is allowed into the studio space.

Physical Contact, Injuries and Loss/Damage of Personal Belongings

  • PAC’s courses include the development and exploration of activities that may involve students coming into direct physical contact with the teacher and one another.
  • These activities carry the risk of physical harm. It must be understood and agreed that PAC will not be responsible for any injuries incurred during PAC activities. 
  • PAC will not be held responsible for loss or damage of personal belongings while in class.

Photography and Videoing for Marketing Purposes

  • PAC reserves the right to make photographic and/or video recordings of students in classes, rehearsals, events, excursions, and productions for inclusion in PAC archives and for use in PAC multimodal marketing publications.
  • Parents and students are not permitted to take photographs or video recordings of their child/children or other PAC students while they are engaged in any PAC activities.


  • I acknowledge that my personal information will be stored appropriately and in accordance with current privacy legislation.
  • Information provided by students of PAC is for the purposes of facilitating access to (including enrolment) and participation in PAC’s courses
  • PAC takes all steps to ensure that the personal details of its students and staff are kept private and not released to unauthorized persons or organisations.

Provision of Medical Information

  • PAC requires that parents notify any health or other issues that could affect the welfare of their child at PAC.
  • If you reported to us at Registration that your child has a medical condition that requires certain medications, ventolin, inhalers or epipens please make sure your child brings them to class. We want to be as prepared as possible in the event your child will need it.
  • In relation to heath issues, we ask that you nominate the issue, e.g., asthma, allergy, etc., indicate what intervention is required and where necessary, provide a copy of an up-to-date Medical Action Plan.
  • In relation to additional learning and behavioural needs, we ask that you provide allied health information, e.g., occupational therapist, counselling or other support documents outlining strategies that could assist to support your child in a learning environment.