List of Theatres and Theatre Companies in Sydney

By Theatre

Why, as an actor, is this list helpful? If you’re wanting to get out and about and watch more live theatre. If you do, after all, call yourself an actor and are keen to perform on the Sydney stage, then it is only logical that you are aware of the stages themselves. Visiting regular theatre shows keeps you accountable and helps to inspire your next performance. You will also become familiar with the actors and actr…

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Why a Highlighter is an Actor’s Worst Enemy

By Castings and Auditions, Film and Television, Theatre
Actors, lend us your highlighters! ('cause they're a hinderance and you don't need 'em). What's the first thing you do when you get given a script or an audition side? You get out your highlighters and highlight your character's lines. Highlighting is good, yes, because it makes it easier to navigate your lines during rehearsal. The lines are 'highlighted' and stand out more and therefore make it easier for you to learn them. But we're going to let you in on a little secret... An audition is not about your lines. In fact, it's not about lines at all. Acting...
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