From Amateur to Oscars: 10 Insider Tips From This Year’s Acting Nominees PART 2

By ,March 7, 2023
At Parramatta Actors Centre, we are committed to giving our students the best learning environment so they can develop as actors, from beginners to professionals…and maybe even award winners! The nominees for this year’s Academy Award for Best Supporting Acting are listed below along with 10 inspirational insights, advice, and fun.

1 – “Don’t settle for average. Bring your best to the moment. Then, whether it fails or succeeds, at least you know you gave all you had. We need to live the best that’s in us.” – Angela Bassett (“Black Panther: Wakanda Forever”)

It can feel scary to take a chance in a scene, to put ourselves out there, to push past what’s comfortable or easy. But amazing things can happen on the other side of fear.
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2 – “I always wanted to be an actress, and I did loads of acting summer schools.” – Kerry Condon (“The Banshees of Inisherin”)

Acting schools and classes are a great place to develop skills, learn about yourself, and become part of a community. Whether you pursue it as a career or not, it can be a magical place.
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3 – “I fell into acting because I was really shy, and so at night after work, I took public speaking and improv classes, and I started going to auditions sort of as a dare. That was my version of ‘Fear Factor.’” – Hong Chau (“The Whale”)

Ah, here we go with “fear” again. Whether you’re naturally introverted, or extroverted, or a bit of both… trying acting as a beginner can be a wonderful place to experience growth.
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4 – “I’ve been Elizabeth Taylor’s sister, Spencer Tracy’s mistress, Elvis’s mother and a singing teapot…” – Jamie Lee Curtis (“Everything Everywhere All at Once”)

I’m not sure there’s a better environment to “play” as an adult than acting, doing scene work. We can explore feelings, relationships, and even what is must be like to be a piece of pottery!
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5 – “I love comedy because it’s a way of connecting with people and making them feel less alone.” – Stephanie Hsu (“Everything Everywhere All at Once”)

To those on the outside, acting can feel frivolous, silly. But storytelling is ancient, and quality work has the power to not only entertainment, but save people’s lives.
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6 – “I don’t plan in terms of career ambitions. The only career ambition I have is to work with people who are going to bring you up and elevate your performance.” – Brendan Gleeson (“The Banshees of Inisherin”)

Acting is an awesome way to learn the art of collaboration. I have worked with so many people who have lifted up my level of craft. I’ve also made so many lifelong friends from my career. And that is special and unexpected.
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7 – “I didn’t have aspirations of being an actor. I just thought it was fun. It was cool, it was an escape.” – Brian Tyree Henry (“Causeway”)

Acting doesn’t have to be a career for everyone. But whether it’s taking class, doing a play, doing extra work, it is interesting the magic that can happen when you put yourself out there.
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8 – “I was not going to be an actor. I was an engineer in physics. That’s what I did: I graduated with a physics degree…” – Judd Hirsch (“The Fabelmans”)

I used to think that because I didn’t paint my nails black and ride with the artsy kids in school, that I didn’t deserve to explore the arts. But that’s just a silly story. There are no limits on who can try the arts, acting or improv or stand up comedy. Go for it!
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9 – “It’s a hard thing to find in people: to sit and just be present with someone, even for two minutes.” – Barry Keoghan (“The Banshees of Inisherin”)

In this modern world, we are all so caught up, so busy. Acting in a scene can be an amazing way to connect, once again, to what it really means to be human…and find healing in that.
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10 – “Never in my wildest imagination did I think I would end up being an actor. But I fell in love with it.” – Ke Huy Quan (“Everything Everywhere All at Once”)

We see here again, that even amongst these “top actors,” there is a sense of Imposter Syndrome, they feel like don’t belong. We do belong. This is your life to try what sounds amazing to you. And if performing is calling to you, give it a shot.
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