5 Drama Games to Help Boost Your Child’s Confidence

By ,March 8, 2023

Are you a parent of a young child looking for ways to boost your child’s confidence and help them develop important social and communication skills?

Look no further than drama games!

Drama is a fun and engaging way to encourage your child to explore their creativity, express themselves, and build important life skills.

The best part? You don’t need to be a professional actor or have any special equipment to play drama games with your child – all you need is a willingness to have fun and a little bit of imagination.

In this article, we’ll share five drama games that you can do with your child at home to boost their confidence and help them develop essential social and communication skills.

So, grab your child and let’s get started!

1 – Mime Time

One person begins by miming an action while the other person guesses what they are doing. The guesser can ask questions such as “Are you eating?” or “Are you playing the guitar?” until they correctly guess the action. Then, switch roles so that both you and your child have a chance to mime and guess different actions.

2 – Yes, and…

Start by creating a story with your child, taking turns adding to the story. The catch is that each person has to start their sentence with “Yes, and…” to build off the previous person’s sentence. For example, if you start the story by saying, “Once upon a time, there was a giant castle,” your child could add, “Yes, and inside the castle, there lived a brave knight.” Continue building the story together, taking turns and using “Yes, and…” to add to the plot.

3 – Freeze Frame

One person starts by striking a pose, and the other person then has to come up with a scene that involves that pose. For example, if you strike a pose of holding a broom, your child might say, “You’re sweeping the floor in a haunted house!” Once you’ve established the scene, act out the short skit with your child, and then switch roles so that both of you have a chance to come up with poses and scenes.

4 – What’s in the box?

Find a small box and put a mystery object inside. Your child has to guess what it is by asking yes or no questions. For example, if the object is a toy car, your child might ask questions like “Is it something you can drive?” or “Is it a small object?” until they correctly guess the object. Then, switch roles so that both of you have a chance to guess and answer questions about different objects.

5 – Impromptu Skits

Start by coming up with a scenario or theme, such as “Going on a camping trip” or “Visiting a magical land.” Then, take turns coming up with characters and dialogue to act out a short skit based on the theme. For example, if the theme is “Going on a camping trip,” you and your child might act out a skit where you’re setting up a tent and telling spooky stories around the campfire. Let your child take the lead and use their imagination to come up with different scenarios and characters to act out.

I hope these more detailed instructions help you and your child have even more fun with these drama games and boost their confidence and social skills even further!


Author Nisrine Amine

Nisrine Amine is an AWGIE and AACTA-award nominated writer and a Sydney Theatre award nominated actor. She is also the Co-Founder and Creative Director of Parramatta Actors Centre. Learn about Nisrine's vision for PAC here.

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