Because Actors Have Chakras Too – Balancing Your 7 Chakras in 7 Days

By ,September 3, 2018

If you’ve been feeling off-balance lately when it comes to your acting career, you may have some chakras out of balance.

Here is a list of some acting-related exercises you can do to help you unblock those chakras, and get back into balance ready for that next class, audition, performance, or opportunity.

Note: We do not claim to be chakra-experts or the Eckhart Tolles of the acting industry. For detailed information on chakras, we encourage you to Google. 

Day 1 – The Root Chakra AKA The I Am Supported Chakra

Where is it: The base of your spine, your tailbone..
Acting-related exercises to balance it:

  • Learn your lines as you walk barefoot in nature
  • Make ‘Abundance Abounds’ post-its and put them up around your house
  • Get a pedicure before an audition
  • Dance at your wrap party
  • Take a yoga class along with your weekly acting class
  • Visualise the colour red (e.g. red carpet, ‘out damned spot’ etc)

Day 2 – The Sacral Chakra AKA The I Am Emotionally Open Chakra

Where is it: Five centimetres below your navel.
Acting-related exercises to balance it:

  • Go for a swim to destress after a day on set.
  • Buy an ‘Ideas Notepad’ and make a daily list of interesting and quirky characters you see.
  • Make a ‘Songs That Inspire Me’ playlist
  • Visualise the colour orange (e.g. being an actor on Orange is the New Black, eating oranges before an audition for energy)
  • Film a new showreel scene that is edgy and fresh

Day 3 – The Solar Plexus Chakra AKA The I Am Focussed Chakra

Where is it: Seven centimetres above your navel.
Acting-related exercises to balance it:

  • Buy a bunch of yellow sunflowers and put them in your dressing room
  • Write down a list of roles you were ‘rejected’ from and then release the past by burning the paper
  • Drink a cup of chamomile tea while you’re reading a book on acting
  • Take an improv class to help sharpen your mind
  • Organise those new headshots that you’ve been putting off

Day 4 – The Heart Chakra AKA The I Am Forgiving Chakra

Where is it: At the heart.
Acting-related exercises to balance it:

  • Buy a jade crystal and carry it around with you in your bag.
  • When doing a pre-show breathing warm-up, imagine breathing in and around your heart.
  • Choose characters to play that are in love, wanting love, accepting love, choosing love.
  • Do pec-related stretches at the gym.
  • Send an email to your agent/teacher/co-star telling them how much you appreciate them.

Day 5 – The Throat Chakra AKA The I Am Thruthful Chakra

Where is it: At the throat.
Acting-related exercises to balance it:

  • Take a singing lesson.
  • Carry around a bottle of water with you at all times.
  • Visualise the colour blue.
  • Have an honest conversation with your director/agent about the issue that’s troubling you.
  • Write down all the things you’re too afraid to say and then release it.

Day 6 – The Third Eye Chakra AKA The I Am Trusting Chakra

Where is it: Middle of the eyebrows, centre of forehead.
Acting-related exercises to balance it:

  • Eat naturally dark-purple/navy foods during rehearsals like blueberries, eggplant and plums.
  • Book yourself in for a reiki healing session.
  • Get off social media and visit your church, your temple, your mosque, your garden to remind yourself of why you’re here.
  • Recall why you got into acting in the first place and make post-it notes affirming that you’re on your right path.

Day 7 – The Crown Chakra AKA The I Am Bigger Than Myself Chakra

Where is it: At the top of the head
Acting-related exercises to balance it:

  • Put a clear quartz crystal under your pillow at night.
  • Before your acting class, do a meditation imagining a crown of shining light above your head.
  • Buy a box of ginger tea and leave in your dressing room.
  • Do the Meisner repetition exercise before a scene to really connect with your partner.
  • Go to a theatre show that is about hope and community.

And just like that, you’re balanced and ready to nail that next opportunity!

Author Nisrine Amine

Nisrine Amine is an AWGIE and AACTA-award nominated writer and a Sydney Theatre award nominated actor. She is also the Co-Founder and Creative Director of Parramatta Actors Centre. Learn about Nisrine's vision for PAC here.

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