2-3 days | Grades K-12 | Various Dates


Upcoming January School Holiday Workshops 2024

Kids 2-Day Theatre Acting Workshop - 17/18 April 2024

School Holiday Workshops Overview

Our School holiday Workshops are open to students in Grades K-12 and cover some or all of the following areas of acting:

Theatre: Students will learn different theatre performance styles, write monologues/scenes/plays, perform and produce theatre pieces.

Improvisation: Through fast and spontaneous games, students will be forced to think on their feet, be wild with their imaginations and work as a team to create meaning and intrigue within a scene. Improvisation exercises will get students out of their head and loose in their bodies.

Screen: Students will learn how to read and understand a script, their character’s journey within it, along with their character’s relationship to the other person in the scene. They will then learn how to perform these scenes in front of a camera, and then watch over their performance and receive feedback.

Students will be lead by energetic and passionate teachers whose first goal is to create a supportive, fun and dynamic learning environment. Students will be encouraged to be free, playful and thoughtful actors and each class is designed to awaken students to the power of their own voices and bodies.


  • Unlock imagination and creativity
  • Improve peer interaction and collaboration
  • Express emotions through the voice and body
  • Develop character-building skills

Not only do all of the classes here at PAC encourage students to be brave and let loose. We value, just as highly, the development of key acting skills including:

  • The ability to improvise and think on your toes.
  • The ability to collaborate with peers.
  • The ability to understand and analyse text including scripts.
  • The ability to use expressive skills, including voice and body, to convey character and communicate ideas.
  • The ability to utilise stagecraft to enhance a performance.
  • The ability to perform in front of an audience with confidence.
  • The ability to evaluate and self-reflect.

Note: PAC recognises the varying levels of experience amongst its students and so our teachers, at all times, will adjust their classes to accomodate to all levels.


By the end of our School Holiday Workshops, whether they’re aware of it or not, students will have built up lifelong skills that will seep into their everyday lives. They will:

  • Deliver more confident speeches and class presentations at school.
  • Become better listeners.
  • Become more open to, and tolerant of differing views.
  • Become acutely aware of their breathing and emotions.
  • Develop a more positive self-image.
  • Work with peers to problem-solve.
  • Become more comfortable with self-evaluation and constructive feedback.

School Holiday Workshop Fees

Our School Holiday Workshop Fees start from $300

Please see our Timetable for more information.

Please note that PAC offers the following discounts and concessions:

  • Creative Kids vouchers: Redeem your CKV with us and get $50 off your course.
  • Sibling discounts: Are you enrolling more than one child? If so, you are eligible for a 10% discount.
  • Payment plans: PAC can organise payment plans for those families experiencing financial difficulty.

For all sibling discount, Creative Kids voucher or payment plan enquires, send us an email to discuss.