Nisrine’s Favourite Inspirational Clips for Actors

By ,August 6, 2018

You get a clip! And you get a clip! And you get a clip!

I have always admired Oprah.

And have always been a fan of her Favourite Things segment.

Now I can’t give you each a car, or a trip overseas on a Qantas plane BUT I can share with you my favourite inspirational videos and clips that have helped get me through the bumps on my acting journey.

I hope you enjoy.

#1 For when I get jealous of other people’s achievements.

God’s Timing by Bishop T.D. Jakes

I don’t share this because I’m religious. I share it because the message has always resonated with me. So whether you believe in God or not, there’s something here for you.

Favourite quote: “God said…Don’t come to me crying about what you see me doing for somebody else…what I do in the life of another believer is none of your business.”

#2 For when I have had a crappy few days and need to reset in the morning.

A Morning Rampage by Abraham Hicks

This one’s a great one to take with you on a morning walk. Play it every morning for a week and see the difference it’ll make!

Favourite quote: “I pronounce today, on this really good day, that no matter where I am going and no matter what I am doing and no matter who I am doing it with, that it will be my dominant intent to hold myself in the place of feeling good.”

#3 For when I don’t get cast in a role that I really wanted.

The Gift of Goodbye by Bishop T.D. Jakes

Yep, here he is again. This one applies more to relationships but we can all agree that we have strong bonds to the characters we audition for so as he’s speaking through all of this, just imagine he’s talking about a role that left you.

Favourite quote: “If they walked away it’s no accident, if they left you it’s no accident, if you tried to make it work and it didn’t work it’s no accident. Accept it as the will of God, clap your hands, wash your face, do your dance and keep going.”

#4 For when I feel confused about what I want to do in life and think I should just ‘settle down’.

Don’t Chase Your Passion and Maybe You’ll Find It by Elizabeth Gilbert

This video literally changed the course of my thinking re my work ethic. I used to think I was too fleety and flighty and not committed enough just because I had the tendency to want to do too many things at once. This video made me realise that I was born this way. And the world needed people like me. And now I’m perfectly fine with being fleety and flighty because I know that I am simply following my curiosity. And there’s nothing wrong with that at all.

Favourite quote: “If you’re willing just to release yourself from the pressure and the anxiety surrounded by ‘passion’ and you just humbly and faithfully continue to follow the trail…one of these days you might look up and realise ‘My word I’m exactly where I’m meant to be!'” 

#5 For when I need to stop overthinking and just laugh. 

This is 40 Blooper by Melissa McCarthy

I mean…there are a tonne load of clips I could have put here but this one is pretty funny. Violent but funny. The sheer mastery of Melissa McCarthy’s improv skills gets me feeling pretty inspired. And reminds me that ultimately, all will be ok. Just laugh, brush all the stress and anxiety away and relax. You’re doing great work.

Favourite quote: I’ll leave this one to you.


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