Top Casting Agents Sydney

By ,March 26, 2018
Top Casting Directors Sydney

Here is a handy little map of the main Casting Directors in Sydney.

Out of the 16 listed here, how many would you say know about you? Speak to your Agent or if you don’t have an Agent, contact the Casting Directors directly to seek advice on how to begin building relationships with them.

Remember: They can’t cast you if they don’t know you. So make yourself known to these Casting Directors in a professional and respectful way and you never know, that next opportunity might be your perfect fit.

Best Casting Agents in Sydney

Peta Einberg



Mitchell Casting

Citizen Jane Casting

Maura Fay

Barrett Casting

McGregor Casting

Danny Long Casting


Toni Higginbotham 

I4 Casting

Anousha Zarkesh

Greg Apps

Faith Martin

Chicken & Chips

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