TEENS – Monologues & Auditions Workshop

FOR: Grades 10-12
COST: $300
TIMES: 10-4pm
DURATION: 12 hours
TEACHERS: Nisrine Amine
LOCATION: Arts and Cultural Exchange, 8 Victoria Road Parramatta 2150



  • Develop performance skills including voice, movement and timing
  • Improve peer interaction and collaboration
  • Develop character-building skills
  • Learn stagecraft and textual analysis

Course overview:

This course is ideal for those students in upper high school who want to become more confident with performing monologues. Whether you’re a HSC Drama student wanting to prepare for your solo performance at the end of the year, or a young actor wanting to prepare yourself for upcoming auditions, this course will allow you to not only become comfortable in performing a piece of theatre on your own, but it will give you the skills needed to develop a convincing and compelling character.

Students will be taken through strategies of how to pick a good monologue and then spend the workshop bringing that monologue to life through character work. Students will be introduced to the Stanislavski system of identifying the given circumstances of a monologue, breaking down the script, identifying the subtext that may exist beneath the words and imagining the emotional state of the character. They will also apply the stagecraft elements of props and costume to add to the character.

The last session of the workshop will see students presenting their monologues.

Note: We encourage those students who are studying HSC Drama or who are considering a career in acting, to apply for this course.

Course outline:

Day 1: Monologue Marvels Unleashed!

Session 1: “Monologue Magic Kickoff” 

  • Energise the Space: Start with fun icebreakers to boost the energy and get to know your fellow teen performers.
  • Welcome to the Spotlight: Dive into the world of monologue acting, and learn why your voice matters.

Session 2: “Crafting Characters” 

  • Monologue Masterclass: Explore the art of crafting a killer monologue.
  • Character Chronicles: Uncover the secrets of bringing characters to life through your words.

Session 3: “Script Sleuthing” 

  • Script Deconstruction: Dive into your monologue script, decoding its nuances and layers.
  • Storytelling with Passion: Inject your unique style and emotions into the script.

Session 4: “Monologue Mania Rehearsals” 

  • Monologue Assignments: Receive personalised monologue scripts that suit your style.
  • Rehearse, Refine, Repeat: Practice your monologue with guidance on expression, movement, and stage presence.

Day 2: Lights, Camera, Monologue Brilliance!

Session 5: “Morning Monologue Wake-Up” 

  • Morning Warm-Up: Shake off any sleepiness with a physical and vocal warm-up.
  • Recap and Resolve: Refresh your memory on Day 1 and address any lingering questions.

Session 6: “Monologue Mastery Unleashed” 

  • Solo Scene Quest: Step into the spotlight for solo performances of your monologues.
  • Guided Feedback: Receive constructive feedback and tips to enhance your monologue delivery.
  • Peer Applause: Celebrate each other’s monologue brilliance.

Session 7: “Monologue Showcase Spectacle”

  • Spotlight Moments: Share your favourite monologues with the group.
  • Peer Applause Encore: Shower each performer with cheers and supportive feedback.
  • Insider’s Monologue Scoop: Gather some golden nuggets of wisdom for mastering the art of monologues.

Session 8: “Q&A Extravaganza and Wrap-Up Bash” 

  • Q&A Fun: Connect with a guest speaker (a seasoned actor or monologue maestro) for an easygoing teen-friendly powwow. TBC.
  • Monologue Dreams: Gain insights into pursuing your monologue dreams and honing your craft.

Session 9: “Star Certificates and Wrap-Up Celebration”

  • Champion Toast: Cheers your incredible journey and the fantastic moments.
  • Monologue Maven Certificates: Claim your golden ticket as a certified monologue maven!

And that’s a Wrap, Teen Trailblazers! 🌟🎭




















Nisrine Amine is an AACTA and AWGIE-nominated writer, and a Sydney Theatre Award-nominated actor and director. Her screen credits include Home and Away, Mr Inbetween, Bump, The Secrets She Keeps, Frayed, Here Come The Habibs, and Janet King. On stage, Nisrine has starred in the plays Breathing Corpses, Relativity, Shaz and Tina: Waiting for Uber, Lady Tabouli, and The Girl/The Woman. She’s directed shows including The Monologue Project, Temporary, Losing It, as well as plays for the Martin Lysicrates Prize. Nisrine has lent her voice to numerous audiobooks including The Cult of Romance and Something Borrowed, and will star in the upcoming HULU animation series, Koala Man.

Nisrine’s is a co-writer on the feature film Here Out West. Nisrine has been on judging panels for national film festivals, and in writing developments for new Australian works. She is passionate about helping young artists develop their craft, something which came out of her years as a secondary English and Drama teacher.

Nisrine is the co-founder and Creative Director of Parramatta Actors Centre.

Important information:

  • Please read our Centre Policies.
  • Please wear comfortable loose clothing and appropriate footwear.
  • Please call 1300 828 144 with any questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

How are your classes organised?

We organise our Term classes into the following groupings:

Young Kids - Grades K-1

Kids - Grades 2-3

Pre-Teens - Grades 4-5

Teens - Grades 7-9

Senior Teens - Grades 10-12

You can enrol your child into either a weekday/weeknight or weekend session.

My child is mature for their age. Can they be enrolled in the Grade above?

We strongly encourage your child to enrol in their school grade level.

Should we find that your child is exceeding the expectations of the teacher and is clearly showing signs of advanced acting ability, then we will talk with you about moving them up a grade level.

My child has no acting experience. Are term classes suitable for them?

Absolutely. PAC welcomes students from all acting backgrounds; from those who have never acted before to those who are signed to agencies.

Our passionate and observant teachers ensure that every lesson caters to the needs of each individual student and closely monitors each student’s progress to make sure that they feel comfortable but also challenged.

Do you offer weekend classes?

Yes! PAC is proud to offer weekend classes. Visit the upcoming course schedule to learn more.

Do you offer free trial classes?

We offer Free Trial Classes at scheduled times throughout the year. Please see our Free Trial Class Page for upcoming dates.

For those who are unable to attend a trial class, we invite you to book and pay for the Term classes and should your child not enjoy the first lesson of the term (we’re pretty confident they will though!), then we will happily refund the full amount of the course if you've notified us within 24 hours.

I want to enrol more than one child. Do you offer a sibling discount?

Yes. PAC is proud to offer a 10% discount to the sibling of a full-paying student.

Does PAC offer payment plans?

PAC's policy is that full payment is to be made before the commencement of a course. We are happy, however, to discuss a payment plan with families who might be experiencing temporary financial hardship. 

Can I redeem my Creative Kids voucher at PAC?

Yes! PAC is a proud service provider of the NSW Government's Creative Kids voucher. This will give a parent $50 off the course fee. This is for use once a year for one child. For more information on how to redeem this voucher, visit the Service NSW website.

What should my child wear to class?

We encourage all students to wear loose and comfortable clothing to all lessons so as to free their ability to move and explore.

If your child does not have time to get changed from their school uniform for an after-school class, then we suggest the girls wear tights or leggings under their school dresses so as to not inhibit movement.

My child is running late to a class. What should I do?

In the event of running late to a class, please call the centre on 1300 828 144 and inform management. Alternatively, send an email to info@parramattaactorscentre.com.au

My child can’t make their allocated session. Can they make up their missed class in another session?

On the rare occasion that your child cannot make class one week, they can attend one of the other timeslots allocated for their age group (should there be another timeslot scheduled).

Can my child start your classes in the middle of a term?

In order to get the most out of the course, students are strongly encouraged to attend all 10 classes scheduled for the term.

For this reason, we do not take enrolments after the commencement of the first lesson.

Am I allowed into the studio with my child during a class?

Sometimes, having people in the room with them can make a child feel self-conscious. For this reason, we kindly ask that no parent or guardian be in the room with the teacher and students during a class. The exception is during the end of term open performance where parents and friends are invited to watch and support the students.

Do your teachers have Working With Children checks?

Absolutely. Your child's safety is our number one priority which is why we ensure that all of our teachers not only have WWC checks but that they have a combination of arts and education experience.

Can my child bring food and drink into the studio?

No. The only drink allowed into the studio is water.

Where do you run the acting classes?

Our classes are mainly run out of the Arts and Cultural Exchange (ACE) in Parramatta.

The address is 8 Victoria Road, Parramatta. Corner of Victoria Road and Villiers Street.

If you're driving:

We recommend parking in the carpark of North Parramatta McDonalds next door and walking over.

If you're catching public transport:

ACE is a 15-20 minute walk from Parramatta train station. Walk all the way down Church Street until you hit Prince Alfred Park. Cross diagonally through the park and ICE will be on the corner across Victoria Road.

On the rare occasion, classes are held at PHIVE 5 Parramatta Sq, Parramatta. Parents will be notified of this change in venue in advance.

Will my child receive a certificate at the end of the term?

A student will receive a Certificate of Participation at the end of Term 2 and again at the end of Term 4.

This is our way of congratulating those students who have stuck with us over two or more terms, and invested time and energy into developing their acting skills.

What are your 2024 term dates?

Our Term classes run in line with school terms.

The Term dates for 2024 are as follows:

Term 1: Monday 29 January – Saturday 6 April 2024
Term 2: Monday 29 April – Saturday 6 July 2024
Term 3: Monday, 22 July – Saturday, 28 September 2024
Term 4: Monday 14 October – Saturday 21 December 2024

My child wants to turn acting into a career. Do you offer any industry advice?

Of course. Our co-founder, Nisrine Amine, is both an educator and working actor giving her plenty of insight into the acting industry.

Feel free to organise a meeting with her to chat about your child's needs.

Her email is nisrine@

Is PAC affiliated with any acting agencies?

Although PAC can suggest names of Sydney Acting Agencies to keen students, they are not affiliated with any of them.

Any advice or recommendations given by the team at PAC regarding acting agencies are personal opinions of the team members themselves.

While staff at PAC may pass on audition notices to actors, they in no way receive payment (monetary or otherwise) for doing so.