TV Acting for Teens

2 days | Ages 12-17 | Parramatta | 17 + 18 April 2024


Workshop Overview

In this 2-day screen workshop, students will be introduced to on-screen acting techniques and develop skills needed to become a disciplined and compelling screen actor.

The workshop will start off with a range of ensemble building activities and improvisation to get students comfortable with themselves, their scripts and one another. Then, over the course of the two-days, students will learn Stanislavksi methods of how to find the given circumstances, beats and character objectives contained within a script.

Students will apply these skills to short scripts taken from popular films and television shows and perform these to camera on the second day. They will have a chance to watch their scenes back at the end of the workshop and take away feedback from their tutor.

Note: We encourage those students who are considering a career in screen acting to apply for this course.

Workshop Outline

Hey Future Film Stars! Get Ready for Your On-Camera Adventure!

Day 1: Lights, Camera, Teen Magic!

Session 1: “On-Camera Kickoff” 

  • Let’s Break the Ice: Dive into the action with some energising icebreakers and meet your fellow teen stars.
  • Welcome to the Screen: Uncover the exciting universe of on-camera acting and discover the skills that make you shine.

Session 2: “Mastering the Frame”

  • Behind the Camera Basics: Explore the secrets of camera angles, framing, and finding your best side.
  • On-Camera Magic: Dive into hands-on exercises for movement, positioning, and instant playback fun.

Session 3: “Script and Scene Secrets” 

  • Script Adventure: Decode the script for both film and TV and understand the language of the screen.
  • Scene Sparks: Craft scenes that captivate and bring characters to life.

Session 4: “On-Camera Showdown” 

  • Duo Scene Quest: Team up with a partner for scene work with awesome scripts.
  • Rehearse, Record, Replay: Bring your scenes to life with on-set etiquette tips and capture the magic on camera.

Day 2: Roll, Camera, Teen Stars Shine On!

Session 5: “Morning Energiser and Recap”

  • Morning Boost: Get the energy flowing with a wake-up warm-up.
  • Yesterday’s Glitter: Refresh your memory on all the cool stuff from Day 1 and throw out any lingering questions.

Session 6: “Teen Director Takeover”

  • Rolling, Action, Teen Fun!: Dive into the excitement of filmmaking with dedicated time for each group to rock the set.
  • Guided On-Screen Sparkle: Receive pro tips to elevate your on-camera charisma.
  • Rotate and Radiate: Ensure everyone gets their chance to be the shining star.

Session 7: “On-Screen Spectacle Showcase” 

  • Lights, Camera, Share the Magic: Present your cinematic masterpieces to the group.
  • Peer Applause: Shower your fellow teen stars with cheers and feedback.
  • Insider’s On-Screen Scoop: Grab some golden nuggets of wisdom for your journey to on-camera glory.

Session 8: “Q&A Extravaganza and Wrap-Up” 

  • Q&A Fun: Chat with a special guest (a seasoned actor or camera wizard) for an easygoing teen-friendly powwow (TBC).
  • On-Camera Dreams: Get the inside scoop on pursuing your on-camera dreams and making them a reality.

Session 9: “Star Certificates and Wrap-Up Bash” 

  • Champion Moments Toast: Celebrate your incredible journey and unforgettable moments.
  • Star Certificates Unveiled: Snag your golden ticket to being a certified on-camera teen sensation!

And that’s a Wrap, Teen Trailblazers! 🌟🎥

Workshop Outcomes:

  • Develop essential camera acting technique
  • Develop character-building skills
  • Learn how to break down a script for objectives
  • Gain insight into the Australian television and film industry


Monica Kumar.


By the end of our School Holiday Workshops, whether they’re aware of it or not, students will have built up lifelong skills that will seep into their everyday lives. They will:

  • Deliver more confident speeches and class presentations at school.
  • Become better listeners.
  • Become more open to, and tolerant of differing views.
  • Become acutely aware of their breathing and emotions.
  • Develop a more positive self-image.
  • Work with peers to problem-solve.
  • Become more comfortable with self-evaluation and constructive feedback.

Workshop Fee

$300 for 2 days.

Please note that PAC offers the following discounts and concessions:

  • Creative Kids vouchers: Redeem your CKV with us and get $50 off your course.
  • Sibling discounts: Are you enrolling more than one child? If so, you are eligible for a 10% discount.
  • Payment plans: PAC can organise payment plans for those families experiencing financial difficulty.

For all sibling discount, Creative Kids voucher or payment plan enquires, send us an email to discuss.